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Fig. 1. The whole processes of Alu PCR. Black one-head arrows indicate primers. The loci between transgene and SINEs are amplified in the first PCR. Uracil-containing customized tail (dotted line) is attached to the primers which are complementary with SINEs (dotted line-attached black arrow). Transgene-complementary primer is added 9-fold more than SINE-complementary primer (total 10-fold higher). After the first PCR, UDG is added for removing uracil on tail and forming apurinic sites and then heated for detaching short fragments caused by UDG. In the second PCR, the nested primer of transgene and tail-complementary primer are used. 10 cycles of touchdown PCR and 30 cycles of normal PCR are carried out continuously. There are four possibilities after 1 cycle of touchdown PCR and only target-containing product is amplified (dotted box)
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