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Key features of widely used CRISPR-Cas systems in pathogen detection methods

Class II Type II Type V Type VI
Cas Cas9 dCas9 Cas12a Cas12b Cas14 Cas13a
Length (a.a.) 1000-1700 1200-1300 ~1300 400-700 ~1160
Nuclease domain HNH, RuvC Deactivated HNH and RuvC RuvC RuvC RuvC 2xHEPN
Target type (cleavage type) dsDNA (Blunt end) N/A dsDNA(Staggered) or ssDNA(single cut) ssDNA(single cut) ssRNA(Degraded)
Collateral cleavage N/A N/A ssDNA ssDNA ssDNA ssRNA
PAM/PFS1 Sequence PAM5’-NGG-3’ PAM5’-TTTN-3’ PAM5’-TTN-3’ Not required PFS5’-ATC-3’
TracrRNA requirement Yes No Yes Yes for Cas14a, no for Cas14b No

1PAM, protospacer adjacent motif; PFS, protospacer flanking sequence

Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Journal 2023;38:77~89 https://doi.org/10.7841/ksbbj.2023.38.2.77
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