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Cas type System name Target Amplification1 Time LOD (copies/μL) Sensitivity/Specificity (%) Readout Instrument Ref.
Cas13 BiosensorX COVID-19, Antimicrobial resistance detection (ß-lactam antibiotic) None (transcription x) ~30 min 2,000 for E gene 7,520 for RdRP 50 for combined -/- Electrochemi cal assay (Potentiostat) Multiplex microfluidic biosensor (BiosensorX) +NFC potentiostat [65]
Cas12 Instrument-free COVID-19 RT-RPA - 100 94.1/100 Lateral flow assay in microfluidic system - [66]
Cas13, Cas12 ECS-CRISPR (Easy to operate, Contamination - free, and Stable CRISPR) COVID-19, African swine fever virus (ASFV) RT-RPA ~25 min 3 -/- Fluorescence readout Biosensor [67]

1RT-RPA, Reverse transcriptional- Recombinant Polymerase Amplification

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