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Genetic parts and traits of recently developed expression vectors

Vector Replication origin Promoter Selection marker Characteristics Reference
pIGDMCT7RS ColE1-like T7 cat tRNAArg gene
pIGDM4RS ColE1-like T7 bla Originated from pIGDMCT7RS [22]
pIGDMKAN ColE1-like pms kan T1/T2 transcription terminators
pAR-KanI Mutated pMB1 T7 kan par locus from pSC101 for plasmid stability [23]
pJJ2 pMB1 Evolved promoter kan pelB signal sequence and 6x His tag [24]
pBS2ndd Mutated pMB1 lac bla Lethal ndd from bacteriophage T4 [25]
pLY-4 Mutated pMB1 tacM cat and alr Derived from pXMJ19 with auxotrophic complementation marker (alr) [26]
pPHB01-1 Mutated pMB1 phaCAB putative bla hok/sok locus for plasmid stability [27]
pCADsod pMB1 dps bla Auto-inducible promoter [28]
pReX pMB1 T7 kan T7 lysozyme under the control of rhamnose promoter [29]
pJPC13 Mutated pSC101 lac cat High copy number mutated origin [30]
pUCNrS Mutated pMB1 synthetic nar bla Strong synthetic promoter [31]
pNB1 pMB1 gapA and T7 kan Cumate-inducible system [32]
pRCEMT pMB1 CEM bla Metagenome derived promoter [33]
pHsh Mutated pMB1 Hsh kan Promoter and terminator for heat-shock induction [34]
pZJU31 Mutated pMB1 lac QAPRTase QAPRTase based auxotrophic complementation [35]
pEC pEIB1 PBAD kan pEIB1 replicon of Vibrio anguillarum MVM425 [36]
pCR2-Plac-GFP pCR2 lac bla pCR2 replicon of Corynebacterium renale [37]
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